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Caregivers Confidence Course

6 modules designed to give you a strong foundation to care for anyone experiencing dementia
£ 199
less than £35 per session
  • Module 1: What is dementia - understanding what dementia is and how dementia can effect the brain
  • Module 2: Behind behaviour - learn about reasons behind behaviours in dementia and strategies to ease distress
  • Module 3: Improving communication - identify new communication methods and strategies
  • Module 4: Dementia Friendly Environments - consider ways to make your home more dementia friendly
  • Module 5: Managing stress - identify your stress cycle and implement methods to reduce your stress levels
  • Module 6: Physical health - considerations with physical health
  • Pre course ice breaker session to get to know the course members
  • Post course session for reflection on how the course has been and signposting to further support
  • Certificate of completion

Healthcare Professionals Programme

4 modules to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence caring for a person experiencing dementia
£ 199
normal price £399.99
  • Module 1: Dementia Overview - learn the difference between the main types of dementia and how the brain is affected
  • Module 2: Communication & Behaviour - strategies to reduce distressing behaviours through improving communication
  • Module 3: Care Settings - consider environmental challenges people with dementia face across different care settings
  • Module 4: Supporting Families - recognise family caregivers as part of the care team and understand the needs of families
  • INCLUDES: workbook, PDFs of slides, certificate of completion

Corporate Change Course

Aimed at managers and senior staff working for a company with clients who are experiencing dementia (outside of healthcare)
£ 299
normally £449.99
  • Module 1: What is dementia? A overview of basic awareness around dementia
  • Module 2: Improving communication - considerations for email and telephone communication as well as in person communications
  • Module 3: Compassion for caregivers - unerstanding importance of involving the main caregiver when capacity is lost
  • Module 4: Company restrictions - conversation about the barriers within your organisation and looking at changes to improve your service
  • Module 5: Implementing change - Getting your staff onboard with planned changes and disseminating what you've learnt

Bespoke Courses

Ideal for organisations wanting bespoke training for their teams/ company tailored to your needs. Can work out more economically than getting employees to sign up for individual courses if you have several needing to attend.
£ 99
per module (max. 300 attendees) mix and match or tell me what you want
  • What is dementia - basic and underpinning knowledge to build on with sequential modules or give staff a basic awareness
  • Communication - improving communication with people experiencing dementia, tailored to what your business does
  • Behaviour - people experiencing dementia can have some bizarre behaviours this module helps staff underestand why and what the person may be going through
  • Environment - creating a dementia friendly environment within your workplace and learning about things not to do
  • Families - understanding the difficulties families go through how and you can reduce their distress not make it worse
  • INCLUDES: PDF of slides and certificate of completion