What is The Dementia Coach?

The Dementia Coach helps people caring for someone experiencing dementia by transforming your knowledge skills and confidence

The Dementia Coach can help you develop your;

  • resilience
  • confidence 
  • self worth
  • coping strategies
  • knowledge
  • care giving skills

About me...

Dementia care became my passion whilst I was still a student mental health nurse in my mid-20s. I retrained to be a mental health nurse after working several years in publishing, marketing and events. I wanted to give back, I wanted to help society and individuals with difficulties they were going through. During my nurse training I did my elective placement with Admiral Nurses and wow, it was eye opening and humbling to see what people will do for those they love. So, I wanted to help families facing dementia and improve the services they interact with.

Over the years I’ve realised just how important education is. If more people, especially professionals, businesses and families, understood dementia, it would make a massive difference to all involved. It would improve quality of life for all, decrease stress for all and mean less reliance on medications.

I’ve been a registered nurse for 10 years, specialising the past 4 in education and end of life dementia care. I still work as the dementia lead for a hospice and as an Admiral Nurse. But I’m passionate about delivering dementia education and helping people grow and so began The Dementia Coach.

I offer courses to individuals, groups and businesses. I help you improve your knowledge, skills and confidence and have those light bulb moments! My delivery is easy to understand and helps you think outside the box!

So why would you need me? I work creatively helping you reach new levels of understanding. In turn that will improve how you, your business, your staff, move forward in a more positive way

If you’re ready to improve now! Then get in touch today, I look forward to hearing from you.